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Welcome to the Confessor and the Seeker Society


You have reached the home of the Conseekadores - a dedicated online community of fans of LEGEND OF THE SEEKER who gather to discuss the TV series based on the amazing SWORD OF TRUTH novels by author Terry Goodkind. We are the oldest and largest Richard & Kahlan 'shipper board on the web! Although we love our leads, we also chat about the novels and the actors of the show: Craig Horner & Bridget Regan. We consider ourselves to be separatists, we enjoy the novels and the series equally as different entities.

Our community offers a lot of great goodies & activities for fans of the series including in-depth episode & character discussions, fan related challenges and activities, contests, event nights, chats, a fanfiction library, fan art & videos, a video channel, and an extensive photo library. Our site is a part of the Multipleverses.com network.

This site is set up as our main hub to showcase all of the features that are available to our network. Our photo archive includes a massive gallery of HD screencaps for each episode of LEGEND OF THE SEEKER and screencaps from interviews & behind the scenes specials for the series.

We would appreciate it if any photos gathered from our site remain as-is and unmarked. Adding your own fansite markings to our unmarked photos is rude. Please credit where you found the photos from.

Zip files are no longer available - sorry! It's easy to download the galleries quickly by using Bulk Image Downloader. And please do NOT hotlink to any of our photos. Hotlinking = grabbing the url for any of the photos and posting the images elsewhere, this uses up our bandwidth which ultimately will end up costing us more money. If you like something that you see, please just direct people to the particular gallery or our website.

We do not claim credit for the images on this site, nor are we profiting from the use of them. All images gathered on this site are property of their original respective owners (ABC Studios & © Seeker Productions, Inc.) and are being used entirely for promotional & personal purposes only.


Demand Season 3 of LEGEND OF THE SEEKER

Over in The Confessor and the Seeker Society forums, we've gathered information on what you need to do to contact ABC/Disney & your local affiliate stations to ask them to give us a Season 3 of Seeker! Click HERE to join up & find out more!


The Quest continues - Join us at on our Forums!



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